Vietnam to Become a Global AI Powerhouse with $200M Factory by FPT and Nvidia

Discover how the $200 million AI factory, a collaboration between FPT and Nvidia, aims to transform Vietnam into a global AI hub. This project will enhance AI and cloud computing capabilities, promoting technological growth across Asia.

Faheem Hassan

4/25/20242 min read

FPT and Nvidia Come Together
FPT and Nvidia Come Together

FPT and Nvidia Join Forces to Build $200 Million AI Factory in Vietnam

In a significant technological partnership, Vietnamese IT leader FPT has teamed up with global tech giant Nvidia to establish a $200 million artificial intelligence (AI) factory in Vietnam. This strategic collaboration aims to position Vietnam as a central player in the global AI industry, emphasizing advancements in AI and cloud computing technologies across the region.

Elevating Vietnam's Role in the Global AI Landscape

The new AI factory, which will be situated in Vietnam, is set to transform the country into a pivotal hub for AI innovation. By harnessing the power of Nvidia’s cutting-edge technology and FPT’s regional expertise, this initiative is expected to catalyze significant technological and economic growth within Vietnam and extend its influence throughout Asia.

The Impact of the AI Factory on Regional Technology Capabilities

This ambitious project will concentrate on enhancing the region’s AI capabilities by establishing what is described as a "sovereign cloud." This dedicated AI cloud will host Nvidia’s latest AI software and the powerful H100 Tensor Core GPUs, which are at the forefront of AI computing technology. The sovereign cloud model ensures that data is stored and processed within the country, aligning with national data security and regulatory standards, while providing robust AI services that cater to the needs of local and regional enterprises.

FPT’s Vision for AI Innovation

The development of the AI factory is a key component of FPT’s strategic vision to promote AI innovation in Vietnam and its neighboring countries. By creating a state-of-the-art facility equipped with world-class technology and resources, FPT not only aims to enhance its capabilities in AI and cloud computing but also seeks to drive technological adoption and innovation across various sectors.

Strengthening AI Infrastructure and Expertise

The partnership between FPT and Nvidia is expected to yield substantial benefits, including the creation of new jobs, the development of AI talent, and the strengthening of the technological infrastructure within the region. The focus on AI and cloud computing will empower businesses, enhance government services, and boost the overall competitiveness of the Vietnamese and Asian economies.


The $200 million AI factory by FPT and Nvidia in Vietnam represents a significant leap forward for the country's technological capabilities and its position in the global AI market. This initiative not only reflects Vietnam's growing importance in the tech world but also showcases the potential of international collaborations in advancing technological and economic frontiers. As the factory progresses, it will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI and cloud computing in Asia and beyond.