Unlock the Power of GPTs: Now Accessible to All ChatGPT Users!

Discover how your GPTs in the GPT Store are now available to over 100 million ChatGPT users. Learn about the new GPT-4o model, its potential impact, and tips for optimizing your GPT for enhanced performance and user experience.

Faheem Hassan

5/29/20241 min read

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OpenAI Logo

Exciting News: GPTs in the GPT Store Are Now Available to All ChatGPT Users!

We’re thrilled to reach out to you because you've created a GPT and shared it in the GPT Store. Your innovative contribution is now accessible to an even wider audience!

Announcing Wider Access to GPTs

In line with our mission to make AI technology accessible to everyone, we've recently announced that all ChatGPT Free users will soon be able to use GPTs in the GPT Store. Today, we’re excited to share that this feature is now live! This means that more than 100 million weekly active users can now explore and experience your GPT along with many others in the store.

Introducing GPT-4o

Our GPTs now leverage our newest flagship model, GPT-4o. With this upgrade, users can expect enhanced performance and new possibilities. Given the potential for increased usage and changes in behavior with this new model, we recommend taking some time to review and test your GPT. This will ensure it continues to perform as you intended and meets the expectations of the broader user base.

Thank You for Your Contributions

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for building GPTs and bringing new ways to learn, have fun, and boost productivity with ChatGPT. Your work is integral to our community, and we’re excited to see how your GPTs will continue to enrich the experiences of users worldwide.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

– The ChatGPT Team