Rabbit Inc.: The AI Startup That Wants to Replace Apps with Rabbits

Rabbit Inc. is an AI startup developing a personalized operating system (OS) through a natural language interface and dedicated, affordable consumer hardware to host the OS. The OS, called rabbit OS, is capable of understanding complex user intentions, operating user interfaces, and performing actions on behalf of the user.

Faheem Hassan

1/10/20241 min read

Rabbit Inc. is an innovative AI startup based in Santa Monica, founded in 2023 by a team of skilled individuals, including Kaggle Grandmasters, former Google engineers, and seasoned entrepreneurs. The team's expertise lies in AI hardware and high-performance computing clusters. Rabbit Inc.'s goal is to revolutionize how humans interact with machines, focusing on natural language communication and task delegation to AI agents named "rabbits" that can handle various app or web interface tasks.

The company's main product, r1, is a groundbreaking AI device featuring the rabbit OS, a natural-language operating system. Launched in January 2024 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, r1 garnered positive reviews and media attention. This pocket-sized device is priced at $199, with pre-orders starting in January 2024 and shipping set for late March 2024.

Rabbit OS, running on r1, is the first operating system built on the Large Action Model (LAM), Rabbit Inc.'s proprietary model. LAM learns from users' interactions with apps, understanding their intentions and behaviors to replicate actions on computer interfaces. This technology aims to eliminate the need for multiple apps, with the AI performing tasks directly.

Rabbit Inc. boasts that r1 and rabbit OS can facilitate complex tasks through AI and natural language, like booking flights, ordering food, managing finances, or content creation. Users can personalize their rabbits, teaching them new skills by demonstrating app or web interface usage. Importantly, Rabbit Inc. emphasizes the respect for user privacy and security, ensuring no personal data or app credentials are stored.

With $30 million in funding from notable investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and Y Combinator, Rabbit Inc. has also collaborated with Teenage Engineering for r1's design. The company's team, over 50 strong, consists of AI researchers, engineers, and designers.

Rabbit Inc. stands out as a leading AI startup, poised to disrupt the app-based operating system market with its user-friendly and innovative approach. The company's mission is to make AI more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, encapsulated in their motto, "AI from words to action."