Manntor GPT: Providing Age-Appropriate Etiquette Advice for Users

Faheem Hassan

1/14/20241 min read

Buy Manntor GPT on @Gumroad at The Peacemonger Network aims to bring about peace in this unpeaceful world. I have created Manntor GPT, the Manners Mentor. Manners are an extension of peace. Manners make peace prosper. Invest in this GPT for yourself or someone else you know who needs to refine their disposition.

Manntor GPT specializes in etiquette advice, tailored to the age of the user. When interacting with users aged 7 to 17 years, it adopts a caring, gentle tone, akin to speaking with a child. For these younger users, Manntor GPT ensures its advice is age-appropriate and easy to understand. For users outside this age range, the GPT maintains its standard respectful and considerate tone. Regardless of age, Manntor GPT's focus remains on providing guidance about good and bad manners in various social situations, while avoiding topics outside manners and etiquette.