Introducing the Wizpr Ring: VTouch's Latest Breakthrough in AI-Powered Wearable Tech

Discover the Wizpr Ring, VTouch's award-winning AI-powered smart ring from CES 2024. Featuring whisper-sensitive voice commands, noise cancellation, smart home integration, and impressive battery life, the Wizpr Ring redefines wearable technology. Available now for an exclusive early bird price on Kickstarter.

Faheem Hassan

4/18/20242 min read

Wizpr Ring
Wizpr Ring

Revolutionizing Wearable Tech: Unveiling the Wizpr Ring by VTouch

In the burgeoning field of wearable technology, VTouch has set a new benchmark with its latest innovation—the Wizpr Ring. Launched at CES 2024, where it garnered significant accolades, this AI-powered smart ring represents a major technological leap. Promising both convenience and cutting-edge functionality, the Wizpr Ring is poised to transform how we interact with technology in our daily lives.

Groundbreaking AI Features for Enhanced Interaction

The Wizpr Ring integrates a state-of-the-art AI voice assistant that understands whispered commands, distinguishing it from other devices on the market. This feature is particularly useful in environments where discretion is necessary, such as during meetings or in crowded areas. Whether you're at a conference or on a busy train, the Wizpr Ring ensures your commands are heard by no one else but you.

Superior Noise Cancellation for Clear Communication

Equipped with advanced noise cancellation technology, the Wizpr Ring filters out unwanted background sounds, allowing the device to focus solely on your voice. This ensures that your commands are executed without interruption or misunderstanding, enhancing the user experience in noisy surroundings.

Effortless Smart Home Control

The Wizpr Ring is not just a personal device; it also serves as a central control point for smart home devices. Thanks to its compatibility with the Matter open-source connectivity standard, the ring can seamlessly integrate with a variety of smart home systems, offering users the ability to manage their homes with simple gestures and commands.

Basic Health Tracking Capabilities

While primarily focused on improving interaction with technology, the Wizpr Ring also includes basic health-tracking features. This functionality makes it a versatile companion that not only enhances your digital interactions but also supports your health monitoring.

Impressive Battery Life and Design

The battery life of the Wizpr Ring is robust, catering to the needs of active users. It lasts up to 10 hours with continuous voice interaction and up to 66 hours in standby mode. Furthermore, the included charging case extends the battery life, providing up to 3 days of continuous voice use and 20 days of connectivity.

The ring itself is crafted from premium materials such as titanium and epoxy resin, ensuring durability and style. It is available in two sleek colors—black and silver—and comes in a variety of sizes, making it a fashionable and functional choice for tech enthusiasts.

Available for Pre-Order at an Exclusive Price

Currently, the Wizpr Ring is available for pre-order on Kickstarter at an early bird price of $139, which is set to increase to $199. This introductory price offers tech aficionados an opportunity to be among the first to experience the future of wearable technology at a reasonable cost.


The Wizpr Ring by VTouch is not just another gadget; it's a pioneering device that merges AI intelligence with practical, everyday utility. Whether you're looking to streamline your interactions, manage your smart home devices, or maintain a tab on your health, the Wizpr Ring stands out as a leader in the next wave of wearable technology. As wearable tech continues to evolve, the Wizpr Ring is undoubtedly leading the charge, promising to bring the future to your fingertips.