Explore My Top 10 Favorite Websites: Unleash Creativity, Dive into Nostalgia, and Enhance Productivity!

Discover a handpicked selection of the best websites to enrich your digital life! From creating art with AutoDraw to revisiting the '90s with My90sTV, these top 10 websites are curated to inspire, entertain, and simplify your online experiences. Click to explore!

Faheem Hassan

4/16/20243 min read

a laptop computer sitting on a desk with a laptop and notebook
a laptop computer sitting on a desk with a laptop and notebook

Discover the Top 10 Websites That Have Enriched My Online Experience

In the vast expanse of the internet, finding truly useful and fascinating websites can be daunting. That's why I've dedicated the last five years to exploring and collecting the best sites that not only offer unique services but also enhance everyday online experiences. Here, I share my curated list of top 10 favorite websites that range from artistic tools to nostalgia-inducing media archives, all selected to bring more value, fun, and efficiency to your digital life.

1. AutoDraw - Unleash Your Inner Artist with AI

AutoDraw is a revolutionary tool that transforms your freehand doodles into polished drawings through the power of machine learning. Ideal for both amateurs and seasoned artists, this platform allows you to download your creations for free, providing an endless source of fun and creativity.

2. My90sTV - A Nostalgic Journey Back to the '90s

For those who cherish the 1990s, My90sTV is a perfect getaway. This website offers free access to a vast selection of TV shows from the decade, with over 37,500 channels to choose from. It's a nostalgic trip down memory lane, right from your browser.

3. Fast - Check Your Internet Speed in Seconds

Powered by Netflix, Fast.com is a straightforward tool for quickly measuring your internet connection speed. With its user-friendly interface, it provides an immediate assessment of your internet performance, helping you ensure that your online experience is smooth.

4. FontStruct - Build Your Own Fonts

FontStruct offers a unique platform where you can create fonts using geometrical shapes. This free, user-friendly tool encourages you to design and build your own fonts, which you can then share with a community of font enthusiasts.

5. GoProHeros - Experience the World through GoPro

At GoProHeros, you can immerse yourself in videos of breathtaking locales recorded on GoPro cameras. It's a visual feast that often leaves me lost in the beauty of explored and unexplored corners of the world.

6. FilePizza - Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Made Simple

FilePizza eliminates the hassle of large file transfers. This service provides a peer-to-peer platform within your browser, ensuring that your files are transferred directly to the recipient without being stored on any servers, enhancing privacy and speed.

7. OnlineOCR - Convert Images to Text for Free

OnlineOCR is a valuable tool for extracting text from images or PDF files. This free service supports multiple languages and offers a straightforward way to convert scanned documents into editable text, making it indispensable for students and professionals alike.

8. Lofi Cafe - Your Go-To Music for Relaxation

Lofi Cafe serves as a wonderful background for studying or coding. With its endless stream of relaxing lo-fi music, this site helps enhance focus and calm, making it a favorite for those who need a musical companion for concentration.

9. Vector Magic - Precision in Image Vectorization

Vector Magic provides an automated way to convert bitmap images like JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF into high-quality SVG, EPS, and PDF vectors. Simply upload your image, and let Vector Magic refine it into a scalable vector file.

10. Internet Archive - A Treasure Trove of Digital Artifacts

The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that offers free access to a massive collection of books, movies, music, software, and more. It's an invaluable resource for researchers, history buffs, and anyone interested in preserving digital content.


Each of these websites offers something unique, whether it's a tool for creativity, a source of entertainment, or a means to improve productivity. They reflect the diversity and richness of content available on the internet, each selected to enhance your online adventures. Whether you're looking to revisit the past, check your internet speed, or unleash your creativity, these websites are sure to serve as invaluable resources in your digital toolkit.