Anthropic Unveils New AI Chatbot Feature: Meet Your Personalized AI Assistants

Discover Anthropic's new AI chatbot feature "tool use," enabling the creation of custom AI assistants for tasks like email management, customer support, and more.

Faheem Hassan

5/31/20241 min read


Anthropic Unveils New AI Chatbot Feature: Meet Your Personalized AI Assistants

Hey there! Exciting news from Anthropic. They’ve just released a cool new feature for their AI chatbot, Claude. It’s called “tool use” or, if you’re feeling nerdy, “function calling.” This new capability lets you create various AI assistants tailored to your needs.

What Can These AI Assistants Do?

Imagine having an AI assistant for almost anything:

  • Need help managing your emails? Done.

  • Want a bot to help you purchase shoes? No problem.

  • Looking for a tool to analyze data and craft personalized product recommendations? Claude's got you covered.

But that’s not all. These AI assistants can also:

  • Respond quickly to customer inquiries

  • Track orders efficiently

  • Offer real-time tech support

Working with Images

Here’s something really neat. The tool can also handle images. For example, if you’re an interior designer, you can use it to process room images and provide personalized decor suggestions. Sounds handy, right?

How to Access This Feature

You can get your hands on this AI assistant through:

  • Anthropic’s Messages API

  • Amazon Bedrock

  • Google Vertex AI


Are you wondering about the cost? It’s straightforward. Pricing is based on the volume of text Claude processes, measured in “tokens.”

So, whether you’re looking to streamline your business operations or just need a handy tool for daily tasks, Claude’s new feature is definitely worth checking out. Give it a try and see how it can make your life easier.